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The Story Mode Edition contains story mode which allows you to play full story for both the female and male character in addition to sandbox mode which is available in the free version.

Her Story (38,000 words)

If you choose to play the female character, you've arrived at Dream City with the objective to find your missing father. How you are going to achieve this is up to you. Choose wisely as your decision has serious ramification throughout the game. Get a job, find a home and explore the city.

As you meet many characters in the game, you'll be given the chance to investigate the mystery behind murders, discover conspiracies and prove yourself to join a vigilante group. Can you survive in the city while trying to unravel the mystery of your father's disappearance?

His Story (38 words)

If you choose to play the male character, you wake up not remembering anything about yourself. You have to figure out why you were sent to Dream City in the first place. You start with nothing and it's up to you to survive in a city troubled by gang fights and harsh economic condition. You'll be forced to scavenge, looking for odd jobs and carrying out dangerous quests just to earn money to buy food and find shelter to sleep.

Sandbox Mode

Sandbox game mode allows you the freedom to start a new life in Dream city. However, you've arrived at the bad time. You have less than a year to prepare for the upcoming apocalypse. Gather your resources and forge friendship as you need them to survive the apocalypse.  

The sandbox mode are separated to 15 parts:

  • Part 1: Red Rain.
  • Part 2: Missing Person.
  • Part 3: Infected Dogs.
  • Part 4: Infected Human.
  • Part 5: Soaring Price.
  • Part 6: Mass Exodus.
  • Part 7: Deserted City.
  • Part 8: Savage Attack.
  • Part 9: Humanitarian Aid.
  • Part 10: Raider's Attack.
  • Part 11: Cure.
  • Part 12: Military Arrival
  • Part 13: Wipeout.
  • Part 14: Plague.
  • Part 15: Restoration of The City.

Currently, you can play Part 1 to Part 7. The upcoming update will include Part 8 to Part 12.

Difference Between DC Life and DC Living

Both DC Life and DC Living share the same game world. DC Life is a text-based game which allows you to control the main character through plenty of screens. DC Living on the other hand plays like 2D role playing game which allows you to control the main character that you see from the top down view. Both games have lots of interaction. If you have no idea what to do in the game, you can refer to the extensive checklist that keeps track of your progress in the game. There are a lot of tutorials that explain what you need to do in the game.

Is This Life Simulation Game?

The short answer is no. You're only controlling the main character from certain age. Although the game has certain life simulation features such as taking care of hunger, sleep and other needs, the game plays like a normal role playing game.

Features Available to All Game Modes

  • 4 career paths (ad agency executive, lawyer, fashion designer or model)
  • job promotion (starts from low-level position and get promoted to the top as CEO)
  • plenty of part-time jobs at the restaurants and the port
  • scavenge trash bins to recycle items to sell
  • gain skill points by performing a job or attending class
  • 40 places to explore (4 home type, 8 work places, 7 restaurants, 6 schools, 5 shops, 4 leisure facilities and 5 recreational facilities)
  • upgrade home with plenty of furniture
  • robust inventory system which allows to store and cook many food items
  • 4 different vehicles to own (scooter, small car, sedan car and luxury car)
  • 1 love interest to date and the possibility to marry him
  • invest in 3 different mutual funds to build wealth (take advantage of the economy to buy low and sell high)
  • fight normal enemies (gangster, hooligan, drug addict and gym trainer)

Features Available to Story Game Mode (Female Character)

  • 3 hidden career paths (paranormal investigator, private detective or vigilante agent)
  • 51 quests to carry out with 4 separate storylines (save father, Dania, spy and vigilante)
  • fight special enemies associated with the story (drug dealer, agent and assassin)
  • 6 game endings (father saved, getting deported, tragic accident, leave city, getting killed and starved to death ending)

Features Available to Story Game Mode (Male Character)

  • 23 quests to carry out with 4 separate storylines (recover memories, con artist, gang fight and Cecilia)
  • fight special enemies associated with the story (drug dealer and assassin)
  • 8 game endings (getting revenge, capture the killer, feeling remorse, betrayal, leave city, escape to Capital City, getting killed and starved to death ending)

Keyboard Control

  • Left/top/right/bottom key to walk
  • Enter to interact with object/character (! icon)
  • Space bar to cancel/stop action
  • During dialog, press space bar to move to the next dialog

System Requirements (Windows Version)

  • Windows 7/8/10 (32 bit or 64 bit)
  • System memory 2 GB+
  • Minimum HD resolution (1280 pixels x 720 pixels) monitor
  • 60 MB+ free hard disk space

System Requirements (Android Version)

  • Android 4+
  • System memory 1 GB+


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