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As a part of Dream City Universe Second Phase, the game contains 4 separate story contents (Underworld, Paranormal, Apocalypse & Profitist). The highlight of the game is Paranormal story content where you will take a role of a young girl with hidden abilities. You come to the city to find your missing father. Follow the trails that will lead you to the killer.

Even though all four story contents take place in Dream city, all of them take place in separate parallel timeline. Certain details that you discover in Paranormal story content might be different from what you will discover in Underworld story content. Both of Underworld and Paranormal story content have definite endings while Apocalypse story content will put you in a state of limbo.

Features Available to All Story Contents

  • 4 career paths (ad agency executive, lawyer, fashion designer or model)
  •  job promotion (starts from low-level position and get promoted to the top as CEO)
  • plenty of part-time jobs at the restaurants and the port
  • scavenge trash bins to recycle items to sell
  • gain skill points by performing a job or attending class
  • 40 places to explore (4 home type, 8 work places, 7 restaurants, 6 schools, 5 shops, 4 leisure facilities and 5 recreational facilities)
  • upgrade home with plenty of furniture
  • robust inventory system which allows to store and cook many food items
  • 4 different vehicles to own (scooter, small car, sedan car and luxury car)
  • invest in 3 different mutual funds to build wealth (take advantage of the economy to buy low and sell high)
  • fight normal enemies (gangster, street thug, drug addict and gym trainer)

Features Available to Paranormal Story Content (Female Character)

  • 3 hidden career paths (paranormal investigator, private detective or vigilante agent)
  • 51 quests to carry out with 4 separate storylines (save father, Dania, spy and vigilante)
  • fight special enemies associated with the story (drug dealer, agent and assassin)
  •  5 game endings (father saved, getting deported, tragic accident, leave city and getting killed ending)

Reboot Game

As a part of Dream City Universe Third Phase, a reboot of the game is under development. DC Anthology: Psyche as it's known expands Paranormal story content to include Dark Psyche mythology for the first time. You'll be able to explore dream world and discover dozens of ghosts. What's the dark secret of the island?

System Requirements (Windows Version)

  • Windows 7/8/10 (32 bit or 64 bit)
  • 2 GHz processor
  • 2 GB system memory
  • Minimum HD resolution (1280 pixels X 720 pixels) monitor
  • 70 MB+ free hard disk space

System Requirements (Android Version)

  • Android 4.0.1 (32-bit version)  or Android 5.0 (64-bit version)
  • 1.4 GHz processor
  • 1 GB system memory


Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

dream-city-paranormal-win.zip 42 MB
Version 1.630
DCParanormal1630(32bit).apk 35 MB
DCParanormal1640(64bit).apk 36 MB
DCParanormalWalkthrough.pdf 252 kB

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Just wanted to say I love all your games sm and how some of them are somehow connected in some way I hope you never stop making games 🙂

Thanks. We're still working on making games although we couldn't make it as fast as we hope for. Our focus is to make high-quality games with lots of content. That means it takes more time.

Can I still get the walkthrough if I bought the game on Google Play Store?

For Play Store version, there's free app on Play Store called DC Inspiration. Inside the app, there's walkthrough for all games related to DC Anthology.

how to find a enigma killer ?

The information is available in the walkthrough.

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Hello, I'm playing survival mode but I can't find the shotgun shells Cecilia is asking for and also the ring to propose to her.

We haven't implemented the part where you can supply shotgun shells for her + find the ring. Upcoming update should have content for that.

Okay. Thank you

I loved this game so much! Such a shame it’s not in the apple store 😔

Hi, thanks for your interest. We don't have budget to pay for Mac PC & iPhone /iPad which is necessary to port the game to iOS version. In addition, porting to iOS can take lots of time which we can otherwise use to add more content to our existing games.

Hii so I'm playing the survival mode and im confused on how to make a survey for the prices in the market (Quest by damien). How do I do it? Thank you♡︎

Hi, the instruction should be to find Indian community. They can provide food to the safe house. Hint that we can provide is hacker. Find the hacker & he might know someone who has connection to the Indian community. However, he will only reveal the info once you've reached friend status which you can earn by doing task for him. It's very grinding task so if you find it too much, you probably can skip this quest from Damien.

Alrightyyy thank youuuu

Hi I'm playing the girl story mode but I can't find Samantha please help on where I can find her or what condo to find her thank you

Hi, you're asking for support to story mode which is only available to paid version. Send e-mail to edykajang@gmail.com with e-mail address that you use when you purchase the paid version through itchio & we'll reply your question.

Hello. I can't talk to Dr. Nadine. I go to the safe house and click on her picture, but my actions isn't acknowledge. She doesn't talk, nothing happens. Do I have to wait or complete another task? What should I do?

For current update, you should be able to talk to her at the safe house but she'll not give any task. If somehow dialog screen for her doesn't show up, maybe there's a bug. Upcoming update should contain a lot of tasks from her so right now you probably have to wait.

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I have the 4 blood bags, but the sewer lady says I don't have it. Also, I don't have room in my inventory with the cellphone and soap. So, what do I do now?

Hi, can you post screenshot of your inventory? When you have at least 4 blood bags in your inventory, talking to Prenny (sewer lady) should bring special event.

You may have to zoom in on it. I'll send a better pic.

Ok, you seem to have enough blood bags but currently, the game will check just 1 slot. If one slot doesn't have 4 blood bags, the game will assume you don't have enough blood bags. Upcoming update should be able to fix this problem.

For temporary solution, you need to empty one of your soap slot. You can do this by taking a bath at your home & then wait 15 minutes. Keep doing this to deplete the soap. Each bath consumes 10g soap so this might take awhile. Once you have an empty slot, go to the clinic to buy again 4 blood bags in a single go.

Okay thank you. I thought that was the issue. :)

Hello. I cannot seem to get past a quest called observing the infected with Damien. Even though, I visited Naomi several times and recorded everything. Therefore, I cannot make the safe house with him either.

Hi, you need to visit Naomi at her condominium unit during midnight for 4 times. After 4 times, there should be instruction to talk to Damien to report your finding.

Okay thank you!!! :)

Hi am new and I love they Game I got a small problem  so here it is my working visa is at level 3 right then I want to get promotion I have they skill but they CEO said I don't have enough job experience what that means I try try every day in they game of course I even went to take classes I reached the skill to become they CEO buy I still can't it still Said that I don't have job experience sorry for my English am a French guy my character it a female 

Hi, you need at least 400 job experience points to get promoted to CEO. This is equivalent to working for 400/5 = 80 days which is roughly 80/5 = 16 months. So, it usually takes more than 1 year to become CEO.

You get maximum 5 job experience points every working day if you arrive on time + finish the job.

You can check your job experience points by first going to the work building & then tap/click info button on top right of the screen.

 And since I still try to figure out where can I find Valerie I still don't know where to find her please help me 

Give us proof that you bought the game. Send e-mail to edykajang@gmail.com your e-mail address that you use when you bought the game. You're asking support for story mode which is part of paid version.

I really love they Game but thé problème is that the puzzle is too difficult and people will not buy it anymore cause it too difficult I even search on YouTube  nothing please help us 

If you read the PDF, you'll find the answer. It's as simple as that. 

 Hi it me Again Sorry to disturb you am wondering when DC love edition will come out

DC Office: Love Edition has been cancelled unfortunately due to budget/money problem.

 Hi DC inspiration i love the Game of DC Life i bought the full version but I got a problem there is a puzzle I don't understand by ( pvc pl 0:00) pls help me thank 

If you bought the full version, there's PDF walkthrough you can find inside extra folder, if you download Windows version. There's also PDF walkthrough file you can download from game page.

Yeah but i still dont find it

Hello again! Just wondering who can be my baby daddy (living partner) in the game?


Hi, living partner is only available in sandbox mode. Right now, if you're playing the female character in sandbox mode, you can have Patrick as your living partner. Do task for him (just visit him at the city park after midnight) & there will be chance for him to ask for a date. Later, he might propose during the date. You'll engaged to him and you'll get married to him after the apocalypse is over (after March 2009).

Once you get engaged to him, you can visit his home & do many activities as if you're at your own home. However, we haven't yet implemented this visiting part on current update. Upcoming update next year should be able to address this issue. If you're playing male character, the living partner is Cecilia (theatre) but we haven't implemented dating part yet. This will also be addressed in upcoming update.

Okay thank you so much!

I love the game! I was jut wondering how do I customize my home? I cannot seem to find the button.


Hi, for the latest version 1.570, there should be Customise Home button in main menu screen (the screen that you see when you start or pause the game). Click the button to go to Customise Home screen. You'll unlock furniture by spending on gem which you can get just by playing the game. Once you've unlocked furniture, there should be home button to put the furniture at your home.

Single bed and bath tub are already unlocked when you start the game. All you need to do is just click home button on both bed and bath tub to put it at your home.

Oh I found it. Thank you! Also, now I'm stuck on the find norman in the sewers quest. It just stops searching after a while and the game freezes. 

Ok, are you playing Windows or Android version? We've never encountered any freeze during ghost/spy mini game. If character is hungry or tired while in the mini game, they will automatically stop the mini game. Maybe this is the cause of freeze. We'll investigate the issue.

I'm using Windows and no, my character is not hungry or tired. Oh I figured it out. Just go in and out of the sewer until I find Norman. It's somewhat working. 


OK, we're glad it's working. When doing ghost mini game, character has scare statistic. If it's zero, she will simply stop doing it. Exiting the sewer and reenter it again seems to reset the scare statistic.


Hi, we managed to recreate the freeze bug. We'll patch the Windows version today. Keep an eye for the update (version 1.580).

Thank you! :)