Dream City Life: Urban Survival Edition Launched

Today we are happy to release the biggest update to Dream City Life known as Urban Survival Edition.

These are the list of updates that you're going to find in the game:

  • A new playable male character with his own story. You will play an amnesiac young man who woke up not remembering anything about his past so you will spend most of your time in the city to figure out what's really happen to you. There are 20+ quests separated into several storylines and branching plots.
  • Less friction in solving quests which mean you will find hints, detailed quest descriptions and the removal of random occurrence for a few characters. For instance, Britney will always stay in the hypermarket for certain time instead of her occurrence based on chance. 
  • A highly detailed background using tilemap engine from Dream City Living game. We are porting all of buildings details (74) from Dream City Living game. This means there will be indoor lighting during the night. We have a plan to improve the lighting in the future.
  • We spend lots of time externalizing most of the texts in the game into separate XML files. This is the first step to provide localization support in the game. Right now there is only English support. We have a plan to include more language support if we can acquire more budget.

What is the upcoming plan for the game? We have a plan to add multi save slot, achievement and options screen in the future once we have ported the male character content to Dream City Living game. We are thinking to add the third playable character (Patrick) which focus more on the underworld aspect of the city if there is a demand for it.


dream-city-paranormal-win.zip 42 MB
Version 1.43 May 17, 2018

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