Dream City Living Updated to Version 1.62

Hi, here's the list of changes for version 1.62:

  • You can now customize your own name in the game.
  • Taxi now has better UI (you can see proper icons of many destinations).
  • Overhaul movement and interaction UI for touch screen interface. The game now has better game control for both hand (left hand for d-pad and right hand for action/cancel button).
  • For keyboard interface - left/top/right/bottom key to move, Enter to interact with object/character and Space bar to cancel action. During dialog, press right key to move to the next dialog.
  • Fix abilities exploit by spamming question 10 during personality test.
  • The game now has proper view when played through 4:3 monitor screen.

The male character will be ready around July 2018. We will then update the game to integrate the male character in the game. Male character has his own story and quests to give different experience than playing the female character.


dream-city-underworld-win.zip 42 MB
Version 4 Jan 26, 2018

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