Dream Island Project

The upcoming reboot game will feature the expanded island project (Dream Island project) which we have been working on for a few years now. The island is separated to 6 sectors:

  1. Old District sector (North West) connects to beach resort, Star Hill buildings  and Old District buildings.
  2. Cove District sector (North East) connects to factories, church, cemetery, asylum, light house, old flat and fishing village.
  3. City Park sector (West) connects to houses, city park and Chinatown buildings.
  4. Aspire Park sector (East) connects to Aspire Park buildings and forest.
  5. South Metro sector (South West) connects to villa, mansion, townhouse, condominium and South Metro buildings.
  6. Port sector (South East) connects to library, city hall, hospital, police station and port.

This is not the final rendition of the island as more details will be added from time to time.

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all games will be released on Steam this year yet?

Do you have an estimated date for when the game will be released?

Beta version for both reboot games (DC Anthology Fugitive + DC Anthology Psyche) will be released on itch.io website maybe in Q4 2023. The current listing of DC Anthology Underworld will be replaced with DC Anthology Fugitive while the current listing of DC Anthology Paranormal will be replaced with DC Anthology Psyche.

We will be working on beta version to complete all features/content until it's ready for release version. Probably will take around 1 year. We plan to release on Play Store/Steam maybe in Q4 2024.