Android Version is Finally Here

The Android version for Trust Anthology: The Alliance is finally here. The build has a smaller resolution (800 pixels x 480 pixels) which means a smaller view port compared to Windows version but features larger buttons to interact. The build is designed to be played on Android phone or tablet with at least 5 inches screen.

The build is not fully optimized so you can expect performance hit (lag) when you run it on Android phone or tablet with less processing power. We based our test on entry level smart phone with Snapdragon 400+ and 2 GB of RAM so if you have phone or tablet with lower specification than that, you can expect lag or even crash to home screen due to insufficient memory.

Since the game use lots of art assets especially sprite animation, the game will usually consume more than 200+ MB of RAM the more you play the game. Keep this in mind if your Android phone or tablet has low memory. We have plan to reduce the memory footprint to less than 200+ MB of RAM in the future.

You can complete Act 1 with this build. We have plan to resume work for Act 2 and Act 3 once we managed to get funding.


TrustAlliance101.apk 42 MB
Sep 01, 2018

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