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Trust Anthology Alliance is an isometric turn-based strategy game. Phill, a renown guerilla is being summoned to Valour City to help the rebels. Along the way, he'll meet characters that either help or impend the progress. Can he trust them?

The story represents an integral part of the game where there will be lots of scripted events that move the plot. These events are dynamic which depends on whose characters recruited in the game. The game is separated into 3 acts. Act 1 is almost complete while we are working on Act 2 and Act 3. There will be choices within Act 1. The choices will be carried forward to Act 2 and 3 which will affect what really happens in the final battle scene.

This is actually a small game of which you can finish all 3 acts in less than 6 hours. The game takes place in a single city, Valour City where you will carry out quests to help build the Alliance and working for the rebels to wrestle control from the Empire. All of these will culminate in the final battle scene where you will face your arch nemesis, Lady Vanity. If you survive, you will discover that the world will plunge into an apocalyptic scenario.

Game Features

  • Turn-based combat with lots of tactical option (stand/crouch, target head/torso/leg and line of sight).
  • Partial cover system allows player or enemy to crouch behind an object to gain a cover advantage.
  • Hostile AI trigger combat through the line of sight. Stealth combat is possible using melee or unarmed. Firing ranged weapon will trigger hostile throughout the sector.
  • Realistic health, energy and morale system. Health and energy can be restored through rest. Health will diminish through bleeding. Bleeding can be stopped using a painkiller or trauma kit. Energy can also be restored by eating food. Squad member with 0 HP can be revived with a trauma kit. Killing hostile boost morale while bleeding diminish morale.
  • 16 recruitable characters with unique quirks.
  • Day/night cycle with gradual lighting (dawn, early morning, late morning, noon, afternoon, evening, dusk and night).
  • 10 main quests to complete along with several side quests.
  • A city with 15 sectors to explore.
  • 80+ items separated into food, cloth, weapon, ammo, explosives, medical supplies and other items.

System Requirements (Windows)

  • Windows 7/8/10 (32 bit or 64 bit)
  • 2 GHz processor
  • 2 GB system memory
  • Wide screen monitor recommended (4:3 display will show graphical glitch at the bottom of the screen)
  • 90+ MB free HDD space

System Requirements (Android)

Please don't install the game if your Android is less than 4.4.

  • Android 4.4 (32-bit version) or Android 5.0 (64-bit version)
  • 2 Ghz processor
  • 2 GB system memory
  • Screen size at least 5 inches (this is very important as the game is designed to be played on tablet)

Connection to Blade Thrust Tactics

This game is the spiritual successor to Blade Thrust Tactics (BT2), a real time strategy game released in 2009. This game addresses many issues in the former game such as the shift to turn based combat to make the combat more precise, improve isometric art and other quality of life improvements. 

Change Log 1.04/1.05

  • fix game crash after talking to Valerie
  • fix dialogue looping after dismissing Alli
  • change Windows native resolution from 1024p x 600p to 1280p x 720p
  • scrolling the map should be smoother (with fast PC/phone/tablet)
  • save game compatible with version 1.02/1.03 but not earlier

Change Log 1.02/1.03

  • add ability to use painkiller & other drugs for Android version
  • tweak & fix many inventory bugs
  • combat should now runs faster (character walks 2 times faster in combat)
  • add lots of hints 
  • save game is not compatible with earlier version due to changes to inventory data
  • rewrite lots of dialogue for clarity


trust-anthology-the-alliance-win.zip 37 MB
Version 1.04 Mar 17, 2021
TrustAlliance104(32bit).apk 34 MB
TrustAlliance105(64bit).apk 35 MB

Install instructions

1) Extract trust-anthology-the-alliance-win.zip file to any folder.

2) Inside the game folder, double click TrustAlliance.exe to play the game. The game comes with Adobe AIR captive runtime so you don't need to install anything else.

Development log


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Please I want to upgrade the full version of trust anthology:the alliance in my laptop(Windows 10), but I don't know how.

Please help me out


Only Act 1 is available so it's not possible to upgrade to full version. We're no longer working on this game.

But why?

We don't have enough money to complete the game. Until we can raise enough money, this game stays as it is.