A downloadable game for Windows

The Enhanced Edition Will Be Coming In December 2018!

Upcoming major update features:

  • Switch from isometric view to top down view for better game control
  • More co-workers to interact (from 10 to 28)
  • More locations to explore (ad agency office, apartment, dance club, pawn shop and many more)
  • Better integrated story with multiple storylines (money laundering and murder in the office)
  • Endless mode (continue playing the game after get promoted to CEO)

Dream City Office is an isometric office role playing game. Can you survive in the office where the co-workers will give you lots of problem while you're trying to do your job? You'll start as a clerk and if you play it right, you might advance your way to the top as CEO.

Please Read This

This is a role playing game where you control a single character in an office environment. Your main objective is to get him/her promoted all the way to the CEO position. You'll also get to interact with many co-workers. Please be mindful of this fact before you download and play the game. Thanks for your understanding.

We do many changes to the game. The biggest change is the gameplay revolves around solving many simple quests in the game. All these quests are executed through mini games.

We are also adding narrative to all 10 co-workers. As you spend time interacting with them, you will discover their personal history and if you are observant enough, you'll find weird connections between some of them.

We are also address the issue of player can't go to office if he/she is sick or getting injured. Now sick/injured player can go to office with some penalty - half recover rate and half work productivity. The choice is yours.

In every game, there will be a serial killer in the office. Can you identify him/her? Stay sharp. He or she might attack at any unfortunate time even though you haven't unlocked combat mode.

If you have any technical problem, we are available on our Facebook page. Inspire Games Nexus Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/inspiregamesnexus

Game Control

  • Click direction buttons in the left bottom of the screen to move the character. You can also use direction keys on num pad keyboard to move the character.
  • As character moves, there will be object or co-worker that can be interacted. Click the button above the direction buttons to interact or just press ENTER on your keyboard.

Game Features

  • 30 quests to solve in terms of talk, observation and investigation. These quests are carried out in specific mini games.
  • Role-playing character upgrade with 12 upgrades for attribute/personality/skills. Customize your character in terms of physical, intelligence, charisma, determination, social, self-control, focus, attitude, speech, investigation, intimidation and seduction. Some of personalities are useless to spend point on them so choose wisely.
  • 3 promotion from clerk, executive, manager and finally CEO (Chief Executive Officer). You win the game if you're the first to be promoted as CEO among co-workers.
  • Perform daily task to earn job XP and job performance points. There is a simple mini games to test your focus and reflex.
  • Job promotion is only successful if you achieve 100% in job performance points and there is empty slot for promotion so act fast!
  • Team based gameplay (after get promoted to executive) where you'll work in a team to bring new client. Why not propose new strategy to find new client or make the team function more eficient by delegating some of their work to you?
  • Each co-workers has their own personality, strength and weaknesses assigned to them randomly.
  • Get to know co-workers by talking to them, observing them and investigating their desk to find their secret. You can then blackmail them for job demotion if you are desperate enough.
  • Romance mode where you can flirt the co-workers. If the co-worker likes you alot, they even ask for a date!
  • Simple but effective turn based combat to resolve physical confrontation when co-workers are angry.
  • Lots of random events triggered every hour as long as you are not working or playing. These events have choice and consequences on them so choose wisely.

System Requirements (Windows Version)

  • Windows 7/8/10 (32 bit or 64 bit)
  • System memory 2 GB+
  • Wide screen monitor recommended
  • 60+ MB free hard disk space

Install instructions

1) Extract the zip file to any folder.

2) Double click DreamCityOfficeWindows.exe to play the game.


dream-city-office-win.zip 30 MB
Version 1 Jul 17, 2017

Also available on


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Sorry but for a game that focuses on conversations, the dialogue and characters are terrible. I spoke to Naomi, who i've just met, and she asks me whether she should get a boob job. My character responds 'Yes, I always like girl with big breasts!'. What the actual fuck man. Seriously if English and writing isn't your strong suit, then make a gameplay-focussed game and get someone else to write the small amount of text or speech you need.

Hi, thanks for your feedback. Yes, we are aware there are lots of grammar mistakes in the game. The game is less polished as it is our first mobile game. We've made it on 2014 and we had working on updating it on 2015 and 2016. 

There are a major overhaul of the game that we are working on called the Enhanced Edition that will overhaul the game in term of story and gameplay to match the quality of Dream City Life + Dream City Living game. This has been overdue since last year as we put priority on working for both Dream City Life + Dream City Living game but since we've finished most part of both game, we can resume work on the Enhanced Edition.

Don't judge our work based on this game only. We have made a tremendous progress in term of narrative on our Dream City Life + Dream City Living game. 

In that case mate I'd recommend just taking this down. If it's a poor representation of your current work, why leave it here for people to find? It's only going to harm your reputation. Also, grammar aside, the actual subject matter and content of the conversations wasn't great. It's unrealistic as all hell. There's people I've worked with for years who'd never ask my opinion on getting breast implants. Anyway, I'm glad you've improved and are still working :)

Well, the game was designed to have a sense of dark humour and goofiness so that's why you'll find many instances of inappropriate circumstances like what  you've mentioned (asking about breast implant). You'll also find co-workers are doing some nasty stuff on you (like puke on you). These circumstances, combined with bad writing can be very unsettling to some players. 

This is the only game that we develop that has an unsettling vibe to it. Our other game (DC Life + DC Living + TA Alliance) is much more well behaved in term of circumstances. 

Maybe our mistake is we don't warn players about this. We should put a disclaimer that there will be some inappropriate circumstances before player start a new game. Thanks to your feedback, we will put this disclaimer in our major update (the Enhanced Edition). We'll also tone down the goofiness in the major update.