A downloadable game for Windows and Android

As a part of Dream City Universe Second Phase, the game contains Office story content. You will take a role of a spy sent by someone to carry out a special mission. Interact with the co-workers, solve their issues and try to replace the current CEO. Along the way, discover secrets and form the alliance while trying not to get fired.

There is a serial killer in the office and at some point, you'll have to choose to either support your real boss or oppose him. It's the choice that will make your life easier or harder in a city ravaged by skirmish wars between an organized crime syndicate and a vigilante group.

Game Control

  • Click direction buttons on the left part of the screen or press arrow keys on the keyboard to move the character.
  • As character moves, there will be objects or co-workers that you can interact with ! symbol. Get close to these symbols. An action button will be shown on the right part of the screen. Click the action button or press Enter to interact with the object or the character.

Game Features

  • Explore a city with multiple buildings. You can go to ad agency office, pawn shop, flat, apartment, condominium, spa, dance club, restaurant or climb down to the underground sewer. Each building has their own interactive objects and characters. You never know what you are going to find.
  • Interact with 30+ characters who have their own stories. Extract info from them, discover their secrets, force them to confess and investigate their desks.
  • Solve 100+ objectives with plenty of intriguing actions and events. These actions will be updated through a journal that keeps track of your progress in the game.
  • Make dozens of choices that change your life, the agency and the co-workers.
  • Get promoted to executive, manager, director and CEO. Use your creativity to remove the current manager and director. Propose yourself for the position they left behind in a department meeting. The game has endless mode but you're given a choice if you want to get the game ending.
  • Carry out the daily task in a simple mini-game that test your focus and reflex.
  • Upgrade skills by completing objectives or performing actions. Extracting info to update your journal gives XP reward for speech skill. Finding a hidden item while investigating a desk gives XP reward for investigation skill.  
  • Take part in a physical confrontation in a simple but effective turn-based combat. You can avoid most of these combats, fortunately.

Connection to Paranormal Story Content

The story takes place after the events in Paranormal story content which means both Office and Paranormal share the same timeline. Playing Paranormal story content allows you to figure out a few background stories that lead to events in Office story content. You can play Paranormal story content by purchasing either DC Anthology: Underworld or DC Anthology: Paranormal.

System Requirements (Windows Version)

  • Windows 7/8/10 (32 bit or 64 bit)
  • 2 GHz processor
  • 2 GB system memory
  • Wide screen monitor recommended
  • 60+ MB free hard disk space

System Requirements (Android Version)

  • Android 4.0.1 (32-bit version) or Android 5.0 (64-bit version)
  • 1.4 GHz processor
  • 1 GB system memory


dream-city-office-win.zip 26 MB
Version 1.51 Sep 02, 2020
DCOffice151(32bit).apk 19 MB
DCOffice152(64bit).apk 20 MB
DCOfficeWalkthrough.pdf 5 MB

Install instructions

1) Extract the zip file to any folder.

2) Double click DCOffice.exe to play the game.

Also available on


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omg. i remember playing this game on mobile, it was a cycle: install, play, uninstall, repeat. seeing this again brought me a lot of joy and nostalgia cause i forgot the name. if i ever wanted to install it again, i would just search "DC" and scroll down a lot. because of course, i would just see DC Comics games.

maybe spoilers below?

So, I remember this part that haunted me FOREVER. Honestly, I'm not sure if I even remember it correctly or if it actually ever happened.
So, going to the office. It was night, *maybe*. I walked in... holy bananas a ghost--a little girl, *maybe*--and it did a little giggle, *that's what I remember anyway*. Then it disappeared. I quit the game immediately cause I was scared (I mean, I was a kid). That haunted me forever. I don't know what caused it, triggered it, but omg, please tell me this is real, that I'm not crazy, and tell me what and how that happened.

I never got too far into the game. I hated working lol. Also I'm glad to see that you guys are still real. Now, my PC is too bad to play this. Have a good day!!!!! <3

P.S. I always thought Male MC looked weirdly muscular. Like, too muscular. Artificially muscular, even. It just seemed unnatural, but it's not SUPER bad, so don't worry about it.

There are actually 2 ghosts in the game. One is Zoe whose been murdered in the office & another is more sinister ghost that you've met before. You can find Zoe working at her desk after 10 pm in the office while that sinister ghost shows up randomly if you walk in the empty office after 10 pm.

So, if you don't want to meet the ghosts, leave the office before 10 pm.

Ah, thanks! Is there a story for them or are they just side things? I never saw the ghost again, by the way.

Zoe is a part of main story so eventually you have to face her. Solving her problem so she can move on to afterlife. As for that sinister ghost, the game will mention about her background when you saw her.

ooh thanks!! i might download this game again in a month. there's a lot of stories in this game i haven't seen yet. i was scared of the sewers because i thought random people might come to beat me up, and walking through the apartments were kinda scary because it looked... a little abandoned, so i would always rush home and scream when i accidentally hit a wall. i never went to other places either. So yeah, I guess I was scared of this game. All good though 馃挄

Please where is the sewer located in DC office and also I try going after 10pm in Katherine's office to peek Nathan but Martha won't be working,how is it done.?Am confused please help.


Sewer is pill icon at Dream city map. If Martha isn't working at her desk at 10 pm, try again the next day. She usually stays late as long as she's not sick etc.

Please how do I cook for the bum in DC apocalypse

Instruction to cook food for the bum can be found inside PDF walkthrough you can download from the game page.

Hello, I found this game quite a few years back on android and with all of the upcoming changes I was wondering what order would be best to play them in and if that might change with new games. Thank you :)

All Dream city games are part of anthology so you can play them in any order. As part of the current Dream City Universe Second Phase, each game is supposed to exist on a separate timeline which means let say events in DC Apocalypse doesn't affect whatever happened in DC Office. The exception to this is DC Paranormal as it is prequel to DC Office game so both DC Paranormal and DC Office exist on the same timeline. 

All of these timeline mess will be fixed in the upcoming Dream City Universe Third Phase where all games will adhere to the single unified timeline. 


Who should i kill sharon or williams??


How to get the secret of Sofia if all the actions of britney is completed 


You need to complete all objectives for Sheila, Sarah & Carrie. Refer to journal to keep track of the progress. Sheila wants Britney secret, Carrie wants you to help Zoe & after that, Sarah has more things for you to do.

How to earn sofia trust if birteny is No Longer employed

If you get Britney removed from the agency, then you'll never get the secret between Sofia & Rafael which is required as leverage to earn Sofia's trust. Your best option is to restart the game from the beginning.

There are 2 only scenario which makes you unable to complete the game - get Britney removed or choose to enter Team C/D/E/F. The game gives hint warning before you make the decision. 

hi how to earn Niobe trust?i keeo buying drugs but she wont say it.

Buy up to 1000 drugs and come back later to talk

can you please help me in this gameplay. iam not able to remove the current director of business department agency and replace him during meeting. as i ve already gained sofia s trust but iam still not able to remove rafael from his director position. so please help me in this gameplay how to remove him

Download pdf walkthrough from the game page. There should be instruction on how to remove Rafael.

So where should I find the sketches for shawn

Read the journal entry related to Shawn. There should be instruction where to search the sketches. Most of them can be found by searching shelves in specific building. The last sketch can be found by searching someone's desk in the office.

How will I download it

My game is glitching all of a sudden. I'm stuck at the club looking for the sketches, the door is closed and the tune isn't moving forward anymore

If you face any glitch, you can just reload your saved game progress.

How do I find the items for Shawn?

If you refer to the trading card, search trash bins in condominium, flat or apartment. Make sense to do this during weekend as you'll have lots of free time. Refill mood by playing games on your desk or drinking coffee at the office.

Please where can I meet Patricia to ask about her clients

Her desk is next to Zach. Zach's desk is next to your desk. If you couldn't find her in the office, she probably getting sick so wait the next day.

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Sir help to solve this problem I am searching but not getting it

Open map screen. There should be an empty barrel located on top left of map area. Go to the barrel. You should be able to interact that barrel.

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Plz how do i solve the first note .within the transquity. I sat on a comfy stuff.. I need help asap

Comfy stuff is the sofa opposite of the big TV in the spa.

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what am I supposed to do after Patrick leaves for capital city? It says I should watch out for assassins 

Just do work as normal. There should be scripted event with the assassin but you should be OK.

Who can I talk to about Chris's background?

Talk to Phill (entertainment department) & do what he wants. At some point, he'll ask you to meet at Sushi Haven restaurant at 8 pm. There are 2 important choices that you need to make when you talk to him at the restaurant. The choice will lead to 2 different paths (good or bad ending).

I'm against chris now, please how would i eliminate him

Please have u been able to remove Raphael cause the idiot already collected my evidence and Sofia refuse go talk to me

How do you get to Niobe?

(1 edit)

Niobe is the drug pusher in the sewer. From Dream city map, tap drug icon to climb down to the sewer. Niobe wears red jacket so it should be easy to find her.

When can you find her tho.. Also who is the person in blue

Hi, from where did you know about Niobe? You will not know about her name unless you already talk to her in the sewer. The game through checklist screen will ask you to find a drug pusher in the sewer. If you climb down to the sewer, you'll meet a female with red jacket. Talk to her & then you'll know she's Niobe. The person with blue jacket is just a drug addict. He doesn't serve any important role. You can ignore him.

how  can i be a manager in a team ?i don't know how,can you please tell me?thank you

Hi, to complete the game, you need to replace the current manager for either Team A or B & that requires you to complete objectives for either Illegal Substance storyline (Team A) or Murder In Office storyline (Team B). You can refer to the checklist screen to keep updated of the progress.

You must join either Team A or B & once you've solved the storyline by removing the manager, there should be option to replace them during department meeting on Tuesday. The secret to get highest work contribution is to only work when healthy to keep within 100% work productivity which means if you get sick or wounded, go to your apartment & sleep at bed to get healthy.

You can also experiment with mood as low mood makes you work longer thus improving work contribution but too low mood makes you unable to finish daily task to get money.

Hi I play a male, in the business department and I made Raphael quit but I dont know how to become the director

Hi, you need to attend business department meeting in Tuesday. Make sure you have the highest work contribution in the whole department (easy to achieve as long as you complete your daily task everyday). During the meeting, there should be option to nomimate yourself as the director if you're already manager Team A or B.

Please how do I make Raphael quit

I have completed dc office. Now I've moved on to dc living. Naomi is weird, so the game is asking me to see Damien. But I've never met Damien before. Can you help me? Thanks.

You can find Damien at condominium after 10 am. Normally you should talk to Damien first & he'll give a task for you to record infected behaviour which you'll write it down in a journal (check Document & Voucher screen). Naomi is infected. Every time you visit her condo unit, you'll record her weird behaviour.

Plz how do i find the first note?

"Within the tranquillity, i sat on a comfy stuff, in front of me was a dumb box"

You can find another note by searching brown sofa/couch by the big TV.

I forgot who Jim is.

Jim is the shopkeeper at the pawn shop (money sign on Dream city map). You might already talk to him when you caught Britney trying to sell her stolen jewellery.

Help!! I kinda mixed up things in my gamemy characterbis a girl and has 785 investigation skill and I'm in Entertainment Dept.(if that is necessary) then i got bob arrested first without jiu caughing me investigating his desk. So basically, i cant earn Sofia's trust and Jiu is only talking about Airpads not talking about Rafael's bribe, i already got 4000 but i cant take the bribe to jiu because of what?pls answer huehueheue

Hi, you can actually earn Sofia's trust by getting her secret from Britney (caught her stealing from co-worker but choose to keep it secret). Your biggest mistake is you choose to enter Entertainment department. The game will only let you remove Rafael from his position if you choose to enter Business department. That's why Jiu will not offer you the DVD even though you have the money ($4000) because you don't belong to Business department.

At this point you probably need to restart the game and choose to enter Business department (Team A or Team B).

Hi, Pls where can I find the third note in the main objective; Note #3 

This place is full of gangsters but I like to sit on a comfy stuff. My name is maia... I don't seem to get that

Hi, you can find the note at the flat. Refer to this screenshot.


Hi pls where can I find katherine's room after 10pm to peek to Nathan's room. Which side of the game is the room located? Pls help, I seem to be lost


Hi, Katherine's room is the small room inside the office where Martha & Joe is working. After 10 pm, if you've noticed Martha is still working, go inside the small room. Refer to this screenshot.


Are more characters going to be added? also when is the tts going to change or whatever- bc oh god that " n o " is scary


Hi, there's no plan to add more characters. With the latest update 1.49/1.50, we've considered the game to be complete. There'll be no more content update in the future. We have no budget to use voice actors so that's why we use text to speech (tts) for characters. Do you think it's better we replace tts with sound effect instead?


definitely.. like maybe some disgust sound effect? that "n o" is just horrific. NO sound is better then that


OK, we'll put that into consideration. Does this means no text to speech for main character like when you interact with no object (there's nothing to interact) or you refer to text to speech when a co-worker refused flirt?


The flirt. 


Ok, we'll change it to sound effect when a co-worker refuse flirt.


Sir I have a question what can I choose side switch or loyal chris


If you want to become CEO and good ending, choose side switch.


Sir I forget I solve a case of Juan so please give me a step to solve the case sir.... Thank you


It's a long process. If you've mentioned what part you have done related to Juan, we can provide hints.


Sir you have. A link of latest version of this game because I need it asap


Hi, you're already on the page of the game. Look for download section.


Hello Mr/Ms Developer! Where is the picture of Sharon for the mission?


Hi, you can search Williams's desk. There should be a picture of a woman with Williams. Take note the woman in the picture is not Sharon. She just looks like Sharon.


Sir how to earn a sophia's trust

Give me the step sir please 

I expect you reply for my question asap


Hi, you need Sofia's secret which you can get it from Britney. Talk to Britney, investigate her desk (find cigarette box) & then wait until weekend to go to pawn shop to catch her. Then, at the office, choose to keep quiet of her stealing stuff. She'll reveal the secret. Then, talk to Sofia.


Sir I need your answer ASAP I can't find a public library you can find this place in apartment building or flat


Hi, we just push latest update on itch.io. The latest update allows you to go to public library.


I am  confused where is the public library? 


Hi, for current update you can't visit the public library. However, we've been able to finish the remaining story for the sisterhood. There should be an update this week to add remaining story for the sisterhood which allows you to visit the public library. Keep your eyes for the update.


I found all the cards but when I speak to Shawn it's coming as I am working on it.. what to do


Hi, did you have all 12 cards? When you get the last card, there should be popup dialog telling you to go see Shawn. Did you have the dialog? If you didn't have the dialog, the game will still consider you didn't have all the cards. This might happen if you try to get the last card at 11.45 pm. If you've confirmed you've got all 12 cards but the game didn't ask you to see Shawn, you need to reload your saved game. Don't try to find the last card at 11.45 pm.


Where can I find priss trade cards. I can find only 3 cards


Hi, the easiest way is to search trash bin in condominium, flat and apartment. These are the only location where you have a chance to find the card. Take note as you accumulate more cards, the harder it takes to find the cards. So, you probably should this during weekend when you have free time.

Every time you search trash bin, you'll lose a mood. You can recover your mood by drinking coffee at the office (3 daily quota for male & 1 quota for female) or playing games on your desk at the office.

When you search trash bin at apartment's basement, sometimes you can find a bum after 7 pm. Talk to him. He might have a card to sell for $20. If he doesn't have a card, you can repeat the process by exiting the apartment & reenter the apartment to talk to him again.

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Where a public library basement to talk Sarah and Vince has a secret to I go to manager? 


Hi, we haven't put remaining story for the sisterhood so you can't find the public library. If you're in Team C or D (entertainment department), then you're stuck for the rest of your life because there's no option to get promoted to manager. Your option is to start new game and choose Team A or Team B.


Where do you find the apartment basement


Hi, when you're already in apartment building, you need to check the map. There should be map button on top right of the screen. There's a small room at the centre of apartment. Enter the open door to move down to basement.


How do get money to give Niobe to get Bob into trouble

Please help me out


Hi, the first thing you should do is not lend money to co-workers because they are not going to pay. Talk to Shawn at entertainment department. He has side job for you to do which can earn you up to $2500. You should complete murder in the office objective by getting Juan arrested. Katherine will reward you $500 for that & she will give objectives to find thief & spy in the office which will earn you money if you complete it. Sofia will reward $1000 if you can earn her trust. You need to find her secret which you can get from Britney. You need to make a choice to keep secret of her stealing stuff from co-worker before she can reveal the secret. You can search trash bins in condominium, flat or apartment for a chance to find porn magazine which you can then recycle it at pawn shop for cash. You can also play lottery at pawn shop but you need to spend several hours before you can turn profit.

Hi i love your game its so interesting im gonna make all my friends play!! I just have trouble becoming director position any idea?? Sorry for how i type lol im using my brothers phone to play this because its not on ios and im not used to android keyboard:( 


Hi, have you been promoted to executive yet? You need to be in either Team A or Team B to have a chance to get promoted to director. There are quite lots of things for you to do to get promoted to director. We have the game walkthrough you can read on Inspire Games app you can download from Play Store. In the future, we might create PDF walkthrough that players can download from itch.io website.

Im on team f :( so theres no way i can be a manager? And ill be sure to download the walkthrough

Hi, if you're on Team F, then you have no chance to get promoted to director. Only Team A or Team B has the chance to get promoted to director. Do you have save game before you get promoted to executive? If not, then you have to start new game.

The game has a lot of hints put in certain places. All you have to do is just pay attention to these hints. If you just skip text during dialog, then you might miss these hints.

Hey I want to know how to find sketch Priss doll,  when I click Shawn profile,  it's say that sketch might in co-worker,  and I already be CEO all mission already clear,  except Shawn and Sara..  sarah,  Vince and John not clear cause still wait the update...  Then when I ask all co-worker they don't have it,  except Bob,  Juan,  Patricia,  Jenny, Phill,  Zoe, Rafael,  and Nathan,  cause they already gone in my game...  What should I do? 

Hi, you can find the last sketch on Sara's desk. She's the one with white-haired and works as the manager in fashion department. In order to trigger the sketch, you need to complete her story. Talk to her to find out she has depression problem. Then talk to Jean, the manager in entertainment department. She will tell abit of story about Sara. Then, return to Sara to hear her story. You can now find the sketch on her desk once she leave the office.

Wow Thank you, now I can clear Sara or Shawn mission馃槃

Hey just need to know how to meet zoe I cant find her

Hi, Zoe is a ghost. You can find her working at her desk from 10 pm during weekday. You can wait until 10 pm by playing games on your desk. Normally, she will not respond if you talk to her but once you get scarf from Carrie, she will have something for you.

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