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Latest Update

To celebrate 4 years since the game been released, we present you the biggest update of the game that completely overhauls the gameplay. The biggest change is the game will no longer force you to race against the time to compete with the co-workers. Instead, you will try to complete 100+ objectives in the game which allow you to advance your way to the top. You can take all the time you need to complete these objectives.

In addition, we spend a considerable amount of time since late 2017 to work with several writers to come out with many intriguing stories.

DC Office is a story-driven game which emphasizes mystery and intrigue. You have a special mission. Interact with the co-workers, solve their issues and try to replace the current CEO. Along the way, discover secrets and form the alliance while trying not to get fired.

There is a serial killer in the office and at some point, you'll have to choose to either support your real boss or oppose him. It's the choice that will make your life easier or harder in a city ravaged by skirmish wars between an organized crime syndicate and a vigilante group.  

Will there be romance features in the game like the previous version? Yes, you can unlock it with a code to upgrade the game to Love Edition. The Love Edition might be available in Q2 or Q3 2019.

Game Control

  • Click direction buttons on the left part of the screen or press arrow keys on the keyboard to move the character.
  • As character moves, there will be objects or co-workers that you can interact with ! symbol. Get close to these symbols. An action button will be shown on the right part of the screen. Click the action button or press Enter to interact with the object or the character.

Game Features

  • Explore a city with multiple buildings. You can go to ad agency office, pawn shop, flat, apartment, dance club, restaurant or descend to the underground sewer. Each building has their own interactive objects and characters. You never know what you are going to find.
  • Interact with 30+ characters that have their own stories. Extract info from them, discover their secrets, force them to confess and investigate their desks.
  • Solve 100+ objectives with plenty of intriguing actions and events. These actions will be updated through a journal that keeps track of your progress in the game.
  • Make dozens of choices that change your life, the agency and the co-workers.
  • Get promoted to executive, manager and director. Use your creativity to remove the current manager and director. Propose yourself for the position they left behind in a department meeting. The game has endless mode but you're given a choice if you want to get the game ending.
  • Carry out the daily task in a simple mini-game that test your focus and reflex.
  • Upgrade skills by completing objectives or performing actions. Extracting info to update your journal gives XP reward for speech skill. Finding a hidden item while investigating a desk gives XP reward for investigation skill.  
  • Take part in a physical confrontation in a simple but effective turn-based combat. You can avoid most of these combats, fortunately.
  • Flirt and seduce co-workers. Make them fall in love with you. Then, ask for a date. Join date in plenty of romantic locations throughout the city. These romance features will be added in the future.

System Requirements (Windows Version)

  • Windows 7/8/10 (32 bit or 64 bit)
  • System memory 2 GB+
  • Wide screen monitor recommended
  • 60+ MB free hard disk space

Install instructions

1) Extract the zip file to any folder.

2) Double click DreamCityOfficeWindows.exe to play the game.


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Sorry but for a game that focuses on conversations, the dialogue and characters are terrible. I spoke to Naomi, who i've just met, and she asks me whether she should get a boob job. My character responds 'Yes, I always like girl with big breasts!'. What the actual fuck man. Seriously if English and writing isn't your strong suit, then make a gameplay-focussed game and get someone else to write the small amount of text or speech you need.

Hi, thanks for your feedback. Yes, we are aware there are lots of grammar mistakes in the game. The game is less polished as it is our first mobile game. We've made it on 2014 and we had working on updating it on 2015 and 2016. 

There are a major overhaul of the game that we are working on called the Enhanced Edition that will overhaul the game in term of story and gameplay to match the quality of Dream City Life + Dream City Living game. This has been overdue since last year as we put priority on working for both Dream City Life + Dream City Living game but since we've finished most part of both game, we can resume work on the Enhanced Edition.

Don't judge our work based on this game only. We have made a tremendous progress in term of narrative on our Dream City Life + Dream City Living game. 

In that case mate I'd recommend just taking this down. If it's a poor representation of your current work, why leave it here for people to find? It's only going to harm your reputation. Also, grammar aside, the actual subject matter and content of the conversations wasn't great. It's unrealistic as all hell. There's people I've worked with for years who'd never ask my opinion on getting breast implants. Anyway, I'm glad you've improved and are still working :)

Well, the game was designed to have a sense of dark humour and goofiness so that's why you'll find many instances of inappropriate circumstances like what  you've mentioned (asking about breast implant). You'll also find co-workers are doing some nasty stuff on you (like puke on you). These circumstances, combined with bad writing can be very unsettling to some players. 

This is the only game that we develop that has an unsettling vibe to it. Our other game (DC Life + DC Living + TA Alliance) is much more well behaved in term of circumstances. 

Maybe our mistake is we don't warn players about this. We should put a disclaimer that there will be some inappropriate circumstances before player start a new game. Thanks to your feedback, we will put this disclaimer in our major update (the Enhanced Edition). We'll also tone down the goofiness in the major update.