You Can Now Play As Male Character

Hi, you can now play as the male character in Dream City Living. Playing as the male character will give a different experience compared to playing as the female character as you're required to survive in the challenging situation. You start the game with almost nothing as you've lost your memories. So, a large part of the game is to recover your lost memories and figure out why you were sent to the city in the first place.

This is a hardcore experience as you'll face several instances of difficult situations. Do you have what it takes to survive or do you just give up? As a promotion, we are also giving away 100 copies of the full version that you can claim for free. All you have to do is go to the game page and click claim access button. You need to have account to be able to claim the copy. The game will then be registered to your account so you can get access to all future updates of the game. 

If you're short of cash in the game, we can give you this special exploit - try to walk around path area in the city park. If you're lucky, you might happen to find something valuable on the ground which you can cash it out at the pawn shop. Don't forget to visit a young girl at the theatre after noon and interact with her. There are bizarre events associated with her including getting yourself a special doll that brings bad luck but fetches an insane value if you sell it to the right person.

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