DC Life Version 1.570 Change Log

  • sandbox mode will now have 15 smaller parts instead of 4 bigger parts
  • part 1 to part 7 are available for sandbox mode
  • new area, Cove District which consists of forest, campsite and abandoned flat
  • inventory can now be accessed through Map Screen
  • there are a few random events which requires choices
  • new tasks to be done for Darius, Alonso, Damien, Ryuku, Alli and Cecilia [Sandbox Mode]
  • the bum will now have something to offer [Sandbox Mode]
  • 2 new enemies - infected dogs and infected human [Sandbox Mode]
  • acquire katana by doing tasks for Ryuku which allows for new slash mode [Sandbox Mode]
  • acquire generator to provide electricity during blackout [Sandbox Mode]
  • acquire gasoline lantern to provide source of light while travelling during night [Sandbox Mode]
  • you can now get engaged to Patrick if playing as female character [Sandbox Mode]
  • new inventory slot to store equipments such as phone, tape recorder, gasoline lantern, gasoline and lighter
  • overhaul fuel usage and maximum fuel tank for scooter and cars to be more realistic
  • you can now buy gasoline and store it in inventory


dream-city-paranormal-win.zip 42 MB
Version 1.570 Oct 07, 2019
DreamCityLifeFree157.zip 34 MB
Oct 07, 2019
DreamCityLifeFull157.apk 29 MB
Oct 07, 2019
DreamCityLifeFree157.apk 29 MB
Oct 07, 2019

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