You Can Now Play As Male Character

Hi, we have just updated Dream City Life to version 1.41. For the first time, you can now play as a male character with his own story and quests.

So, what to expect:

  • The male character story is still is beta which mean there are plenty of story contents related to the male character that we haven't put yet. We will add this from time to time.
  • Act 1 and some part of Act 2 is available. The game progress will stop when you've finished doing quest for Prenny but you are free to continue playing the game after the part. As a matter of fact, after this point, you're given back your ID so you can apply for job, rent home and doing proper activities that requires ID which you wouldn't be able to do that at the early part of the game.
  • The male character gameplay is tough compared to playing as a female character. You're hard pressed to find money to buy food and sleep for shelter. The idea is to carry out quest even at the expense of part-time job as quest usually pays more money. If you're still hard pressed for money, go to flat after midnight to beat some gangsters. They'll give you cash if you can beat them.
  • If you're stuck in the game when playing the male character, check our Facebook post for tips. We usually post answers to questions posed by players in our Facebook page.

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Version 12 Jan 30, 2018

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