Dream City Life Updated to Version 1.45

Hi, these are new changes to the latest version:

1) You can now have dinner with Naomi for the male character. A lot of players has been asking about this and we're sorry if we took several months to complete this quest. A new cloth for the male character (business suit) is automatically unlocked once you had dinner with Naomi. Make sure you have $400 cash ready before you have dinner with Naomi as you're going to pay for some damages after the dinner. If not, you'll spend several days at the restaurant working to pay for the damage.

2) There is a new game ending for the male character (Escape to Capital City). This happen after you have paid $40,000 to Madam Zue to buy Cecilia contract to save her out of the spa. To earn this money, you'll carry out several quests for Patrick. This ending also tell a little bit story about Patrick. 

3) 3 save slots. A few players have been asking about this. This will make it easy to switch playing between the female and male character.

4) 24 new achievements. Not all achievements can be unlocked if you're playing Normal Edition. If you aim to unlock all achievements, you need to purchase Urban Survival Edition.

5) Remove all 4 CEO endings as you can now continue playing the game after getting promoted to CEO. This will make the game endless mode. We have plan to add more recurring activities that rewards money next year such as operating food stall, busking or spending money on slot machine.

This will be the last update for the game in 2018 as we shift our focus to finish Dream City Office Enhanced Edition which is overdue since last year. We have a list of improvements that we will work on next year based on feedbacks from players.


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Version 1.45 Aug 23, 2018

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